The power is in green energy

Eco global has significantly contributed to increase the efficient use of the renewable energy and natural resources in Serbia. Implementation of our projects have as result the real efforts against climate change through achieved CO2 emissions reductions, for what we are extremely proud of.




Finding potential locations for a future power plant.
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Energy efficiency

Our team provides services in realizing energy efficiency projects through the following activities:
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Management and monitoring of CO2 emission

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Eco global: Our story

Company Eco global ltd was founded in 2002. Since the Energy Law came into the force in 2004, the company focused its business towards production of energy from renewable sources. All implemented projects, both independently and with the partners, have resulted in the giving efforts against the climate change and the environmental protection.Small hydro and solar energy power plants, implemented by Eco global, have contributed to the reduction of 40,000 tCO2eq annually.


Our mission is to increase the share of energy produced from renewable energy sources in the most efficient way.


Our vision is to remain a reliable partner and support everyone who sees business interest in the sector of renewable energy sources making our environment better and sustainable place for living.


Our energy is our team!

  • We achieve our success thanks to a competent and professional team.
  • Our employees are experts with long experience in the energy and related sectors.
  • Implementing the projects we respect and promote, the high standards of business ethics.
  • Providing the highest quality of the service to each client is an imperative for us.
of installed power from renewable energy sources
partnership projects of small hydroelectric power plants
t CO2eq reduced annually
reduction of greenhouse gas emission
Our projects present 16.8% of the total installed capacity of the renewable energy projects with privileged status in Serbia



Small hydro power plants

From May 2005 Eco Global d.o.o. worked on developing the MHE Poštica project (power 990 kW) for which it obtained the building approval decision 351-188/06-3 of 25 May 2006 in the Vlasotince Municipality, after which the construction was assigned to a Slovenian firm.
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Solar power plants

Besides small hydroelectric power plants, Eco Global has also constructed ,,Merdare”, the first solar power plant in Serbia at the place of Matarova in the Kuršumlija municipality for the Solar Matarova Company, owned by the Italian company Gascom of Padua, based on building permit no.01-351-54 of 12 October 2012.
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In April 2012 Eco Global d.o.o. Company legally became a co-owner with a share of 33% in the Rasina Energogas d.o.o. Company, which as a strategic partner of the City of Kruševac implemented the gasification plan started on 12 June 2007 pursuant to the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Serbia and the legal decisions of the City of Kruševac Parliament.
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Biogas power plants

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Energy efficiency

With a view to increasing the energy efficiency and establishing an energy management system, a project of sustainable energy consumption has been designed, intended for big health centres, polyclinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and any other institutions in the public sector system.
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Free First Consultation

The power is in green energy.

Our Team


Vera Ristic

Vera Ristić is the director and incorporator of the Eco Global Company.

Vera Ristić is the director and owner of Eco Global. She is an economist with over 25 years’ experience in business and entrepreneurship. At the beginning of her career, she was focused on foreign trade and foreign company representation. For many years she successfully represented the French company “Virbac” and the Pourquie Institute of Montpellier.
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Ivana Radulovic

Ivana Radulovic is project manager.

Ivana Radulovic has more than 15 years of work experience in the energy and climate change while working with various public and private organizations and companies in the countries in the region, as well as in the EU, Brazil and North Africa. She graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, and through the US government research project “Development of the 4th generation of nuclear reactors”, she earned her Master of Science degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica.
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Ljubisa Perisic

Ljubisa Perisic is project manager

Ljubiša Perišić has over 30 years of work experience in project management in the fields of health and education following the procedures of the European Union, the European Investment Bank and World Bank. He gained professional experience through managing major government projects in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. For the European Union he coordinated a charity relating to the health system, and has also managed big health institutions.
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