Our statistics

In accordance with the EU directive, Republic of Serbia has to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the total energy production up to 27% until 2020. Based on the statistics from the Ministry of Energy, 64.3 MW of installed power from renewable energy sources entered into the power network system of Elektroprivreda Srbije by March 2016.Ecoglobal contributed independently by 5.31 MW, out of 64.3 MW and together with Eco Energo Group additionally 5.5 MW. This is in total 10.81 MW, making about 17% of total installed capacity from renewables that entered in the national power grid.

So far, Eco global has developed independently 4 SHPPs with total power of 3.31MW. By ‘turn-key’ model, Eco global realized and commissioned 2 MW solar power plant. With Eco Energo Group as one of co-owners, Eco global participated in the realization of 7 SHPPs, with installed capacity of 5.5 MW in total. All mentioned SHPPs and solar power plant as well, are operational and have the status of the privileged electricity producers.