Small hydro power plants

From May 2005 Eco Global d.o.o. worked on developing the MHE Poštica project (power 990 kW) for which it obtained the building approval decision 351-188/06-3 of 25 May 2006 in the Vlasotince Municipality, after which the construction was assigned to a Slovenian firm.

With regard to MHE Bukovska (power 250 kW) Eco Global performed the whole work from obtaining the building permit in 2008 to putting the power plant into operation.

MHE Krstići and MHE Bare

TEK Energy d.o.o. entrusted to Eco Global Company the complete construction of two small hydroelectric power plants, Bare and Krstići, in the territory of Crna Trava municipality, on the Vlasina River waterway. Eco Global Company realized the project following the “turnkey” principle, which includes the whole administrative procedure, the construction of the power plant and its putting into operation, as well as finding (a) source(s) of financing.

MHE Bare (power 1300 kW, building permit 351-33/2011-05 of 08 September 2011) – A service transmission line was developed along with the facility construction.

MHE Krstići (power 770 kW, building permit 351-22/2011-05 of 02 June 2011) – A service transmission line was built, and the existent transmission line reconstructed for this power plant, 3.5km in length.