Small hydro power plants

Merdare Solar power plant

Besides small hydroelectric power plants, Eco Global has also constructed ,,Merdare“, the first solar power plant in Serbia at the place of Matarova in the Kuršumlija municipality for the Solar Matarova Company, owned by the Italian company Gascom of Padua, based on building permit no.01-351-54 of 12 October 2012.

The capacity of this plant is 2 MW and it occupies an area of 4ha. The system includes the solar part which consists of 470 rows and 8100 modules made of polycrystalline silicon. The surface of the solar modules covers around 13,735.66m2.

This power plant required a complete reconstruction of a transmission line of 3km in length and a partial reconstruction of the existing transmission line of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, which consisted in replacing concrete posts and a cable of 10km in length. The expected electric power generation is 2.3GWh on annual basis.

The Eco Global Company built the plant following the “turnkey” principle, which means that it realized the land purchase for the location, obtained all the permits from local and republic authorities, organized the drafting of the design documentation for power plant construction, its putting into operation, obtaining the licence, the privileged status decision, the contract on electric power supply, transmission line construction, and obtaining the credit line of the KfW Bank through UniCredit Bank for this project to be realized.