Vera Ristic

Vera Ristić is the director and incorporator of the Eco Global Company.

Vera Ristić is the director and owner of Eco Global. She is an economist with over 25 years’ experience in business and entrepreneurship. At the beginning of her career, she was focused on foreign trade and foreign company representation. For many years she successfully represented the French company “Virbac” and the Pourquie Institute of Montpellier.

Over a decade ago, she and her team focused exclusively on the development of projects concerning the use of energy coming from hydropower, solar energy, biomass, biogas and wind, out of a firm belief in the importance and strength of nature and renewable energy resources. During 12 years of successful work, she has independently realized, following the “turnkey” principle, 4 small hydroelectric power plants, and together with other incorporators of the Eco Energo Group d.o.o. Company she has contributed to the realization of another 7 small hydroelectric power plants. Following the “turnkey” system she has built for Gascom Company from Italy the first solar power plant in Serbia, with 2 MW power. She is currently working on a biogas plant construction project and on several minor hydroelectric power plants, and is also engaged in energy efficiency and water supply projects.

For her dedication, work and achieved results, in 2012 she was declared the business lady of the year. Besides the regular business activities, she is also engaged in charity work. Through her activities she contributes and helps charities and local self-government units. Vera’s great professional experience, expertise and commitment have contributed to Eco Global becoming one of the most important firms in the field of using renewable resources.